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Lilly Singh YouTube videos

  • Pitching and writing sketch/vlogs for fanbase of over 13 million subscribers.

MGM Digital Writer's Workshop (December 2017)

  • Creating, developing, and pitching shows for MGM

"Live from Hell with Adolf Hitler" - Fullscreen - (June 2017)

  • Staff writer for cartoon late-night show, "Live from Hell with Adolf Hitler"

  • Voiceover actor for characters: A Woman Scorned, Joan Rivers, and Demons

"Fair Game" - DirecTV​ - (November 2016)

  • Staff writer & on-camera performer

  • Wrote monologue jokes and wrote/performed in sketches

"The C-Word" (February-Present)

  • Head writer for nationally touring show about sexual assault/rape prevention, set to tour to colleges nationwide in 2017. “The C-Word" was commissioned by Vice President Joe Biden as part of the "It's On Us" initiative via Lloyd Ahlquist of “Epic Rap Battles of History” and Mi Productions.

@Break Twitter (Summer 2016)

  • Head contributing joke writer for @Break Twitter account

  • Writes jokes, memes, joke polls, and trending hashtag jokes for popular Twitter account for which has over 47K followers whose demographic consists of heartland men age 24-34

“The Break Down” Clip Show (Summer 2016)

  • Wrote set-up/punchline jokes for clip show for consisting of fail videos, gamer videos, and comic book referenced videos

Speech Writer (Ongoing)

  • Roasts (Comedy Store’s “Roast Battle”)

  • Wedding toasts

  • “Toastmasters” speeches

”Midnight Outburst” Board Game (April 2016)​

  • Wrote “adult” jokes/puns for new board game, “Midnight Outburst”.

“Roast in Peace” (2014)

  • Wrote & performed roast jokes for pilot “Roast in Peace” where characters roast another famous character. Pilot episode was the Roast of Jesus Christ.

“Conan” on TBS —  Talent & Monologue Intern (January 2014-June 2014)

  • Intern in Talent Department, Monologue Department, and General Production Intern.

  • Responsibilities included writing monologue joke set-ups twice a day, re-stocking green room, ushering VIP guests, stand-in during rehearsals, and coffee/lunch runs.

”One Sided Argument” web-series (2013-2014)

  • Co-wrote/co-produced/co-starred in popular web-series “One Sided Argument” which followed two comedians who were also dating each other. The series went on for over 30 episodes until the relationship came to a slow, fiery demise. RIP.

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