LK Deck of Hearts

Calling all you bright bad-ass babes, holographic honeys, and card-lovin' cuties! If you love iridescent and colorful sh*t that inspires you to live your best fckn life, THIS DECK IS FOR YOU! This affirmation deck was made with my whole heart - in fact, a lot of them.


This 44-card deck is packed with technicolor and high-gloss affirmations to keep your vibes high and a holographic sheen to keep you in awe. Slip open the customized lux box to reveal these shiny & colorful cards to inspire and enlighten your day. Pull a card to remind yourself how dope you are, how abundant your life is, and how bad-ass your future is. This deck is a perfect addition to your morning routine - pull a card over a fresh cup of coffee and be sure to tag me on Instagram @LeahKnauer! I'd love to see.


Each deck will be shipped directly from the artist including a personalized hand-written note just for YOU! Just be sure you're ready to be blinded by this, sparkly, glitzy, and glamorous packaging!


The first 44 people that purchase will receive one of the original Post-It notes from the making of the deck!




LK Deck of Hearts