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Basic Witches


Basic Witches is a comedy spirituality podcast, hosted by Leah Knauer & GG Sauvage, as they interview comedians, artists, musicians, and fellow witches about female empowerment, manifestation, mindset magic, and sexuality. In closing, GG & Leah give their guests a Goddess Oracle Card Reading.

Past guests include Margaret Cho, Tommy Chong, New York Times Best-Selling author Alex Banayan, Gala Darling, Rachel Wolfson, and more! Basic Witches was mentioned in Cosmopolitan, Forbes,, and nominated for "The Witchies" for Most Exceptional Podcast of the Year. Basic Witches wrote an article for Cosmopolitan UK that you can read here.

Listen on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you stream podcasts!


Follow your intu-witchin' and join the IG coven: @BasicWitches

Hex O Hex O...

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